Sheyma Midi Ring Set

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  • Materials: Zinc Alloy & Acrylic

If you absolutely love the look of a midi ring set but you have trouble finding ones that will fit your fingers or that seem to look great on you, consider the Sheyma Midi Ring Set. These rings are absolutely gorgeous, finished in a silver with just a slight bit of distress, they look like well-loved, time honored pieces that have been passed down by your family or that you bought at a little street market somewhere. They bring out the best in your hands, elongating your fingers and drawing attention to your manicure.

In fact, midi rings are like make-up for your hands. They easily cover up any blemishes or bumps you have while making your fingers look better in the process. If you are the type of person who uses your hands when you talk or you just like to be a little mysterious, adding midi rings to your jewelry box could be a great call.

But this set goes beyond just midi rings, it gives you the best rings to pair with it so that you can have a full hand look. The acrylic blue features are gorgeous and seem to reflect the sky and the ocean at the same time. Each ring is sturdy, no matter how delicate, so you will get a lot of wears out of them, no matter how you put them on your fingers.

See how many different looks and combinations you can come up with the Sheyma Midi Ring Set.