Siren Bikini Body Chain

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In Greek mythology, Sirens were monstrous nymphs that lured sailors to their deaths by singing and beckoning them toward the shore, where they would inevitably ruin their ships. They live on a beautiful island and are sometimes portrayed as being half-birds. They were said to be beautiful, though different myths say different things. No matter what myth you read; however, they were extremely enticing.

You can be the same in the Siren Bikini Body Chain. Whether you wear it on bare skin with a bikini or overtop another garment, this gorgeous piece of jewelry will have heads turning (but maybe not ships sinking) for you. Elegantly draping over your body and following the planes of your stomach, the rhinestone details draw the eye and add a little something extra. These rhinestones are shapes like tear drops – which will be what the boys are doing when you walk by them wearing this. 

You can personalize the fit, going loose or tighter depending on what you are wearing. You can even shift the rhinestones up or down depending on how you slide this one on – the chains are comfortable and sturdy enough to be melded in different ways. This chain fastens around your neck, so it acts like a necklace, a belt, and a body chain all in one.

You can choose between gold and silver for your bikini body chain, both are extremely gorgeous and look great against all skin tones. Embrace your inner Siren with the Siren Bikini Body Chain.

  • Material: Alloy