Smiley Face Beach Tote Bag

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  • Material: Straw

    You've got every reason to smile with this beach tote bag. Choose from three fashionable options, each one featuring a smiley face. Colors include blue, pink and a white silhouette that showcases the sandy straw color inside. This bag is a staple for summer, and it's sizable enough to easily handle all of your day-at-the-beach accessories. Load up the sunscreen and your swimsuit coverup. Throw in your shades, wallet, phone and a few extra bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated while frolicking through the waves. The connected double handle keeps items securely inside, while also making it comfortable and convenient to carry. 

    The beauty of this beach tote bag, however, is that it's highly versatile. While straw bags used to be a beachside staple, they're becoming popular summer fashion accessories for use with any outfit, and in any location. So, pair this tote with your favorite capris and strappy sandals. Or, throw it over your shoulder next time you hit the mall in shorts and a tank. Straw bags are lighter in weight than traditional materials, making them a welcome reprieve from the bulkier materials of winter. You'll find this tote puts a smile on your face in more ways than one!