Soundless Coast Sheer Cover Up

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  • Material: Chiffon Acetate

The Soundless Coast Beach Cover Up is a sheer cover up that adds some coverage to your outfit but remains light and comfortable. It won’t heat you up but it will prevent you from getting that lobster look that will never been in style. Since it is chiffon, it won’t hold onto the sand either, which is great for the shorter gals. The fit is relaxed and comfortable, which allows the air to circulate around your body.

The floral print is fun and flirty but the bohemian lines and shapes on the sheer cover up makes it a little edgier and more fashion forward. You can play up either part of the design how you want – or you can play up both parts.

Slip it down on your shoulders for a more relaxed, comfortable look. It will look amazing trailing behind you on an Instagram shot as the train blows in the wind. This looks more like a drape style look and can look sensual and extremely fashion forward.

For a more structured look, add a belt around the middle. Pulling it up on your shoulder adds more structure and coverage. 

When you pair this with some great accessories like an anklet, a bracelet, and a pair of sunnies, you can change the look and feel of this completely. It can be worn as a beach coverup or as part of an outfit you wear out at night, at a music festival, or just to feel like the queen of your house.