Starfish Beach Bag

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  • Main Material: Straw
  • Shape: Casual Tote

Are you ready for a fun summer? With this Starfish Beach Bag, it is impossible to imagine anything but. Bright colors, beads, and fantastic starfish really set this beach bag off, creating the perfect bag for all of your adventures. There’s plenty of room for whatever you need.

The bright colors (blues or pinks, depending on what you choose) make this one easy to spot on the beach if you can’t find your way back. The color blocking is fun and seamless, adding to the casual element of this beach bag.

The bead detailing on the handles serves two purposes: first they make the bag more comfortable to hold as you carry it down those long shorelines. They also make it just a little bit more fun and easy to match with whatever sandals, cover-up, or swimming suit you have.

Finally, the starfish on the front are cute and kitschy while being on trend as well. Even better, starfish are great symbols of the summer. Starfish are extremely sensory creatures due to the nerves that run throughout their body. They don’t have brains, so they feel rather than think. For a fantastic summer, sometimes that is what we have to do as well – take the adventure, jump into the water, or kiss that cute guy without really thinking about it too much. It is also a reminder that – just like the starfish – our summer days are fresh starts with each one. Didn’t like the day before? Cut it off and regrow a better day today.

What adventures will you go on with this bag?