Sultry Pari Crochet Gladiator Sandals

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  • Material: Cotton

For a truly remarkable look while staying comfortable, the Sultry Pari Crochet Gladiator Sandals are a great way to add a sultry, chic touch for your pool parties, beachside escapades or nights on the town. If you love the look of gladiator sandals but you don’t love their structured feel (leather digging into your skin isn’t comfortable), these long barefoot sandals give you a more elegant look without the discomfort. Made from cotton, the material gives your skin breathing room while still getting that iconic look. Available in black and white, the geometric patterns will highlight and flatter your calves. 

Wear these with a skirt or dress for a unique blend of funky and fashionable. Pair them with shorts for a festival inspired look that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. The legs stretch, meaning they’ll stay comfortable when walking, sitting, dancing or playing. The fabric is light and won’t stick to your skin. Move the straps around for a new and exciting look that you can personalize depending on what you’re wearing, where you’re going and what you’re doing.

In addition to being comfortable, these long gladiator barefoot sandals are easy to clean. If you do get something on them, you can easily spot clean and get back to wearing them in a flash. Have fun with them and take some time to come up with hot, new configurations!