Summer Time T Shirt Cover Up

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  • Material: Polyester

Remember when you were younger and had to borrow your dad’s t-shirt as a cover up when you went to the beach or a pool party? Think of the Summer Time Beach Cover Up as a more stylish option that will still keep you comfortable. This t shirt cover up falls to the middle of your thighs and comes into a tank top strap with slouchy sleeves, showing off a hint of skin. The fabric itself isn’t sheer, so you do keep some modesty and will feel comfortable wearing it on the Boardwalk to ride some rides, into your hotel lobby to check in, at the gas station when you have to refuel, or to chat up that cute lifeguard.

Whether you are on your way to the beach and need something to wear on the walk or you want to provide some relief from the sun, this cover up gives you maximum coverage without being too heavy or bulky. Instead, the lightweight t-shirt fabric will reflect the sun and keep you cool and dry. Made out of polyester, the material dries quickly if you do get it wet and keeps its shape no matter how you store it (beach bags welcome). Most importantly, this cover up is machine washable so that you can wear it all over and don’t have to worry – just toss it in the washing machine to wear it again. This t shirt cover up will remain comfortable throughout the years, just like your favorite shirt.

The Summer Time Beach Cover Up comes in one size fits most, allowing for a baggier fit.