Sunflower Straw Beach Bag

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  • Main Material: Straw
  • Lining Material: Cotton

Sunflowers are one of the best symbols of summer, and this Sunflower Straw Beach Bag will be your go-to for this summer’s festivities.

The sunflower detailing on this straw beach bag is subtle and sweet. There are quite a few sunflowers there that make up a geometric pattern on one side of the bag. For something that is a little more obvious, the pink sunflowers are equally cute but “pop” just a bit more.

The fun thing about sunflowers is that they move themselves to be facing the sun, which is exactly what you will be doing all day on the beach when you bring this bag. You’ll have enough room to pack books, drinks, snacks, toys, your cover up, and still have room for sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and whatever else you could possibly need. With a bag this roomy, you definitely won’t have to cut the day short.

A straw beach bag is one of the most popular options for many reasons. The first is that they are able to fit into small spaces because the material is so malleable. The second is that the lightweight material is strong, meaning you can pack it full of just about anything and carry it away. Straw is also great for bags that might get wet – whether the splash of the ocean hits them or you throw a wet swimming suit in there after changing, there is enough airflow into the bag and out of it so that you don’t have to worry about molding or smelly bags. It will dry quickly.