Sybella Floral Sunglasses

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  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Plastic

Think back to the beautiful women in classic movies. No matter which one you think about, they all probably had something in common: iconic sunglasses. When a woman puts on a pair of sunglasses, everything about her changes. She suddenly holds herself with more style and grace. She’s more confident in the way she walks and the way she talks. People around her start to take notice, wondering about the woman behind the sunglasses.

The Sybella Floral Sunglasses will make that happen for you. They will transform you into one of those classic movie starts, whether you are driving in the car, walking in the park, or simply sitting on the beach. Floral sunglasses are fun and a little bit out of the ordinary, though the familiar shape and construction keeps them classic and beautiful. If florals aren’t your thing, consider trying out one of the solid colors.

With plastic frames and lenses, these sunglasses are lightweight and easy to throw into your bag. They’re made to help amp up the glamor and style of any outfit, whether it is a pair of sweatpants, your bikini, or a maxi dress. The shape and style seamlessly shifts and molds to whatever you are wearing, not the other way around. This is a universal pair of floral sunglasses that match almost everything in your wardrobe and are great to keep in a beach bag, in the console of your car, or on the top of your head, since there isn’t a nosepiece to get stuck in your hair.