Tahe Hippie Rings

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Want to be at one with the earth and calm down your inner soul just a little bit? One of the best ways you can do that is through your jewelry. When done correctly, hippie rings are heavy enough so that you know they are there and they will ground you in what they mean but they won’t distract from your daily life in any way. That’s exactly what the Tahe Silver Mandala Ring Set does. You will be able to look down at your fingers to find a mandala that helps to center your energies, even if you are only wearing one. If you wear all four, you will be able to focus on which one is singing out to you the most.

These beautiful hippie rings come in a silver design with delicate engravings in the shape of mandalas. Mandalas have a geometric pattern with symbols that are important. These symbols help to give the mandalas their power and helps to bring in the positive energies of whatever you are wearing.

In many cultures, mandalas are used for meditation, allowing the person who focuses on them or who is wearing them to become one with the universe. Many cultures find strength in these symbols. They can represent your journey and help you to figure out which steps are next in your path through life. Sometimes people even wear the same mandalas as their friends or family to help bring strength to the group.