Taia Black Lace Choker

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  • Material: Lace
  • Colors: Black, White

Vampy, sensual, and a little bit dark, the Taia Lace Choker is a gorgeous take on the choker trend. It is tight around your neck but allows you to have some skin showing. Sometimes there are problems with a choker that is thick, but this black lace choker allows you to move your neck around.

Whether you are wearing it to match your LBD, as part of a Halloween costume, or just on a daily basis as part of a fashion forward ensemble, you will get a lot of wear and a lot of compliments about this unique style. The white can be just as versatile, going from a daily wear item to something a little more formal.

If you choose the black lace, you will get a true deep, dark black lace. If you choose the white lace, you will get a bright white that is crisp and clean. While both colors have the same pattern, they look extremely different just because of the color. The white can even look somewhat bridal with the right accessories. How it looks on you really depends on what you do with it.

In the lace design, you will see a floral mandala type shape that sets off the design as well as other oval and circular designs. The top is flat against your neck so that it doesn’t irritate, but the bottom extends down your neck, creating a beautiful line that touches just the tops of your collar bones.