Talise Ankle Bracelet

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  • Metal Type: Tin Alloy
  • Material: Faux Pearl
  • Length: 25cm

An ankle bracelet is a sexy and daring way to highlight your long legs and summer tan, no matter what else you are wearing. With just a bit of shine and unique detailing, the Talise Ankle Bracelet will have everyone taking a second look as you walk by them. It brings together the beautiful of curves and lines with the simplicity of silver. The individual balls on the end move when you walk, adding an element of surprise to even the simplest of outfits. Note that they aren’t heavy at all. In fact, you will barely feel them on your foot.

Sometimes simplicity wins out when it comes to jewelry – everything on this ankle bracelet is strong and interconnected so that it stays comfortable. There are a lot of moving parts here, but that ensures the ability to get a personalized fit. The lobster clasp in the back is strong and sturdy, keeping the anklet level so that it doesn’t ride up. The length of the chain in the back allows you to choose where you want the anklet to fall. 

Put the Talise Ankle Bracelet on when the summer starts and it will match with so much that you’ll never have to take it off – or at least until the winter boots come out. Use it as the base for a more extravagant look for your feet or as a simple piece of jewelry that won’t get in your way when on the beach or on the town.