Tena Boho Style Elephant Necklace

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  • Material: Alloy
  • Color: Silver

Gorgeous and strong, the Tena Boho Elephant Necklace is a reminder for you whenever you wear it. Elephants represent a connection to your feminine side. In traditional cultures, elephants guide us toward the deeper femininity in our lives, connecting us to our bodies and the strength that we have. 

That femininity is reflected in the gentle cut out patterns that make up the mosaic of the necklace. It allows more of your skin to show through and keeps the metal part lightweight. The chains are delicate but strong enough to hold up the substantial elephant head.

Furthermore, an elephant has long been a symbol of truth seeking and learning. Wearing an elephant can help you to focus on finding that truth in your life as well as for chasing after knowledge – whether that is in a classroom or not. It can also be a symbol of embarking on a journey. When you wear an elephant anywhere on your body, it reminds you to stay in the moment and to continue to work toward your intellectual goals. When you wear it on your heart, it reminds you to keep your heart in the equation as well.

This necklace reflects on all of that importance. An elephant isn’t merely an animal and this necklace isn’t simply a necklace. Instead it is a token that you can keep with you in the hardest moments of your life. It is something you can cling to when the moments are rough. 

It’s really cute too and you get a bit of extra power from the turquoise.