Tender Simple Anklet

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  • Material: Faux Pearl

Does it feel like all of the anklets you are finding lately are a little too crazy or out there for you to actually wear? This simple anklet is taking that idea of minimalistic jewelry, adding a feminine touch, and looking gorgeous on you. Simple jewelry doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be simple, really. In all actuality, this piece has some complex work going on, but you don’t see any of that work like you might in some other anklets.

The dual layers of this simple anklet are meant to complement each other, not compete for attention. Instead, you have the ability to see each layer distinctly because there isn’t “a lot” going on for either layer. The first layer has a simple set of beads that you can hear and see move when you walk. This adds a little bit of coolness, though the beads are somewhat muted and smaller. They are faux pearl, so you get the feeling of refinement and poise without the wallet burn. The silver alloy chains are strong and won’t tarnish, so it will always stay simplistic.

The second layer has the always present infinity sign, which makes this anklet modern and a little more fun than it could be. Each element of this simple anklet adds to the overall appeal of it, winding together an anklet that can be worn by any person, any age, and with any outfit. There aren’t any limits to having this beautiful piece as part of your jewelry collection.