Tyra Charm Anklet

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The infinity sign has really worked its way into popular culture and will now always be a sign of continuance and perseverance in the midst of everything going on around you. That’s why the strongest women wear the Tyra Charm Anklet, which has a gorgeous infinity sign medallion surrounded by turquoise-colored beads. This multi-layer charm bracelet has some movement and light to it, allowing it to be worn in many different kinds of outfits. While those beads are gorgeous, the star of this charm anklet is really the infinity sign.

But let’s look at the infinity sign and what it means. Infinity signs and charms have been found in many different religions, cultures, and beliefs. Celtic designers have used it to make their Celtic knots, because both have no ending – they just continue on forever. Tarot cards use the infinity sign, most often on the Magician Card, which represents the power and possibilities of life if you live infinitely. Of course, the infinity sign can be found in Egyptian culture as well – but it has a bit of a different take than many others do. They see the infinity sign as a snake biting its own tail, which represents starts and finishes. They believe that one cannot exist without the other – meaning that you cannot have a new beginning without having an ending.

What will your infinity sign charm anklet mean to you? You don’t have to tell anyone, but you will know every time you put it on, that is, if you ever actually take it off.
  • Material: Stone