Unina Triangle Dangle Earrings

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy

Let’s be honest: dangle earrings are more fun than studs any day of the week. Still, they can be a bit busy at times. That’s why the Unina Triangle Dangle Earrings are designed the way they are – there is a full look, but they aren’t busy. There is one big triangle that holds two other triangles, each one falling into the next. However, they are still separate, so you get that movement when you are walking, talking, or moving your head. 

Each pair of earrings is mixed metals, meaning you get silver and gold in one. This will really increase the amount of ways you can wear these earrings. If you have a lot of silver, but you are looking to add more gold, this is a great place to start. The two silvers are even slightly different, with the bigger triangle shaded just slightly darker than the smallest one. Of course, this adds to the overall look of the earrings.

As an added bonus, you get all of those moving parts and the earrings aren’t all that heavy. They are made out of zinc alloy, which won’t stretch your earlobes. 

There is something that feels almost retro about these earrings (all of the best cartoon characters from the 90s had triangular earrings) but they still feel trendy and fashionable for today’s world. The shape isn’t a perfect triangle, but is instead elongated. This will help to make your neck look longer and thinner – especially if you wear your hair up. 

These triangle dangle earrings might just be your favorite pieces to add some funk to your favorite outfits.