Wild Rose Body Chain Necklace

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Who says that body chains have to be simple in order to be elegant? Let’s turn that theory right on its ear with the Wild Rose Body Chain Necklace. This has wider rose emblems that are strong and sturdy but still dainty so they won’t weigh down against your body.

Roses symbolize so much in our everyday lives, from love (they are the go-to flowers for Valentine’s Day) to humanity and elegance. In fact, roses can symbolize love, honor, wisdom, intrigue, timelessness, sensuality, devotion, and faith. They have also been seen as symbols of rebirth and renewal. For many cultures, roses are also the symbol of secrecy and having a secret to keep. For the Romans, hanging a bouquet of roses in a room meant that nothing that was spoken in that room could leave it.

Now think about how that relates to you. You want to seem a little mysterious, a little smart, and extremely sensual. With this body chain necklace, you get to add the wild to that list as well. You can do all of that with just a simple chain. Whether you decide to go for a gold-tone body chain necklace or a silver tone body chain necklace, you will give off that special something vibe.

Sometimes, thinner body chain necklaces can get lost when you wear them overtop clothing, making this the best option for people who want to wear their body chains overtop something else. 

Looking to show off your wild side? Consider this Wild Rose Body Chain Necklace.

  • Material: Alloy
  • Shape: Rose