Zahra Soleless Sandals

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  • Material: Cotton

Soleless sandals are one of the best ways to complete a beach or poolside look this year without having to worry about having too much “stuff” to take with you. The Zahra Soleless Sandals are a unique pattern and fit for your foot, looking almost identical to real sandals without having to worry about the bottom portion interfering with your day.

These sandals create the look of a cage shoe on your foot thanks to the amount of coverage that you get. The design is still open and fun, however, which will eliminate some of the risk of tan lines and keep your foot cooler throughout the day. It also looks more like a sandal than some other soleless sandals look – if you want that complete shoe feeling. Since the sandals connect at the toe and on your ankle, you are given completely free range of movement on your foot and the utmost comfort.

Another great things about this pair of soleless sandals is that you can control what they feel like by just changing how you tie them at the top. Simply tucking the ends into the part circled around your foot will give you a vastly different feel from tying a bow on the sides of each foot. You can even more the strings up the leg for a taller gladiator sandal feeling. It really feels like you will get a few pairs of shoes out of just this simple pair of soleless sandals. Since you have quite a few color options as well, the possibilities are endless.