Zeynep Boho Arrow Necklace

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Which way are you going? It doesn’t always appear clear to use where we are headed, but with the Zeynop Boho Arrow Cross Necklace, it is obvious that you are going to look good wherever that may be.

Arrows symbolize quite a bit in life – traditionally, an arrow was a weapon that represented protection and empowerment. It was known as the tool that sustained life and support everyone. Over time, it has shifted somewhat in meaning. Two arrows pointed in either direction, like the ones on this necklace, depicts someone who is ready to fight and go to war. It means that you are ready to face whatever life has to throw at you.

However, two arrows crossed can also mean friendship. It is a fantastic gift to get for a friend who is going through a rough time – or to wear as a friendship necklace between the two of you.

The arrows cross through a circular middle, it shows how you are willing to move forward – whatever that means for you. It is a motivational boho arrow necklace that will give you strength every time you wear it. The turquoise color is meant to give you strength and hope on your journey.

Or it can just be a celebration of your Sagittarius star sign. With a necklace this gorgeous, you really don’t need a reason to wear it. One thing is for sure – with this boho arrow necklace around your neck, you’ll be able to follow your arrow wherever it may lead.

  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Color: Silver