Jaiden Barefoot Beach Sandals

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  • Material: Cotton

Let’s talk about bringing a pair of shoes just to wear to the beach or to the pool with you on vacation. Flip flops or sandals, at least traditional ones, can take up a lot of room in your bag, complicate the packing process, and even create issues down the line when you go to wear them – what if they aren’t comfortable, you have blisters from walking, or the top of your feet are sunburnt?

There is a simple way to avoid all of those problems: barefoot beach sandals. Investing in a great pair of barefoot beach sandals like the Jaiden Crochet Nude Shoes, allows you to pack an extra pair of heels or sneakers instead. These crocheted beach sandals have the look and feel of traditional shoes, but are portable, easy to pack, lightweight, and convenient. You’ll never have to shove them to one side to get a hairbrush in at the last minute, nor will you have to worry about them getting bent in travel. Instead, these fit easily into a purse, side compartment, or a beach bag.

The shape of these barefoot beach sandals is stunning, starting wider near the top of the foot and moving downward to your toe in a pointed shape. This helps to keep them comfortable, but is also what makes them so beautiful. It really allows you to see the detailing in the crochet work.

Since there are so many color options, you can easily take five or more of these barefoot beach sandals in the space it would take you for one pair of flip flops.