Off Duty Sun Hat

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Send the message loud and clear: "This is my vacation and I'm not to be disturbed!" This sun hat offers a traditional look, combined with the words "off duty" inscribed in bold black letters along the rim. It's a surefire way to let everyone know that you're there to relax, unwind, and get your mind off the daily grind. Whether you're lounging by the ocean or taking a long summer's nap in a lounge chair by the pool, this hat is sure to make an impression to all who pass. 

While this sun hat certainly makes quite a fashion statement, it's also highly functional and easy to wear. Straw is super lightweight, so even when you're ready to take a leisurely walk down the beach or head out for some gardening or a neighborhood stroll, it won't weigh you down. Additionally, the ultra-wide rim keeps the sun out of your eyes while giving your skin added protection from the sun's harmful rays, so you not only remain more comfortable but better protected as well. Add this hat to your summer vacation wardrobe and get your point across!

  • Material: Straw