Paloma Crochet Beach Dress

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Need to have a cover-up for the beach but don’t really want to cover up? The Paloma crochet beach dress allows you to show off your body and your tan while still being covered. The openwork design allows you to stay cool and the white color makes your tan really pop. It also creates a great foreground for any color swimming suit. Designed as a beach dress, the Paloma skims closer to your body, giving you a tighter fit to show off your curves. In the back, an open design allows you to personalize the fit. The dress itself is made out of spandex and polyester which means it can stretch to fit you.

Each part of this crochet beach dress has different designs that were purposefully put there to highlight a woman’s body – from the cross-hatching at the waist that pulls you into the more open design on the arms so that you can move around with comfort. Even better, the material doesn’t stick to the sand so you won’t bring half of the beach home with you.

At the bottom, tassels add a fun detail that matches the tassels on the tie on the back, bringing the piece together. With comfort and style, you’ll always look your best in the Paloma crochet beach dress – and you’ll always be ready to go, sans the sand.

  • Material: Spandex, Polyester