Siyra Body Chain Harness

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Looking to highlight your more daring side? The Siyra Body Chain Harness does just that, allowing you to show off that side that likes to get into trouble and have a little bit of fun. 

The best part about this body chain harness is that it is extremely thin and delicate – without being extremely close to someone, they might not even notice you are wearing it. That is if you don’t add to it. However, the open construction means that you can add some other necklaces to it and bring out the metallic accents. 

You can even wear it a little looser so that you can fit it over the top of your dresses, shirts, cover-ups, or whatever else you want. We’ve purposely designed the chain so that while it does have different thicknesses to add visual interest and texture, it won’t catch on your clothing or wear too heavily on your body. Note that there aren’t any other embellishments, keeping this extremely simple.

The chains all go toward a central point, allowing them to pull in your waist and highlight the curves of your body without being too uncomfortable. There are different shapes built into the design made specifically to highlight your body – from triangles near your cleavage to parallelograms that help to pull you in even more. Each part of the body gets its own time to shine. You can even adjust this body chain harness so that it fits your shape – something that you can’t always get with a harness.


  • Material: Alloy
  • Size: Adjustable on the neck and back for a perfect fit, just like a bikini top